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SiS Showcases DDR DRAM Supported SiS635/SiS735 Single Chip and 128-bit SiS315 Graphic Chip at CeBIT asia 200
Taipei, July 4, 2001 ---Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading core logic and graphics chip supplier, exhibits its DDR DRAM supported single chip SiS635/SiS735 and 128-bit graphic chip SiS315 in full scale at Cebit Asia 2001. Constructed upon platform using its latest SiS735 and SiS315, SiS showcases a state-of-the-art PC game during the exhibition. SiS presents facts and figures at this exhibition to emphasize its SiS735. SiS735 has received tremendous echo from the market by its breathtaking performance. "This is SiS' pilot show in Mainland China. We would like to deliver the true value of our products to the market by powerful witness." said Senior Vice-president, Ken Huang.

"Substituting SDRAM with DDR DRAM is intended to enhance the entire system performance. SiS provides a transmission bandwidth, which is 5 to 10 times superior to its competitors by its unique MuTIOL®(Multi-threaded I/O Link). As the peripheral devices increase, the overall performance will differ more such that the goal of enhancing the entire system performance by DDR DRAM can be achieved", Senior Vice-president, Ken Huang indicated. SiS635 and SiS735 are able to support both SDRAM and DDR DRAM in system memory. And its single chip structure, MuTIOL® provides a transmission rate for the internal and external PCI interface between the north and south bridge up to 1.2GB per second, which is about 10 times of the traditional PCI transmission rate (133MB/s). It also significantly increases the operating speed of the peripheral add-on card.

In addition, many foreign and local professional magazines and media gave high recommendation to SiS635 and SiS735. SiS735 is viewed as the best DDR solution for AMD platform in terms of performance, reliability and compatibility. According to Tom's Hardware's test in European Lab, SiS735 chipset beat most competitors in terms of both performance and price. FiringSquad, an American famous on-line testing lab, also admired SiS735's compatibility that they tested SiS735 by different DDR modoules, and it ran with every one of them flawlessly¡K. Even when modules were mixed and matched they didn't run into any problems. It is the most solid prelease board they've tested in recent memory. Furthermore, a well-known S.E Asian on-line testing lab, T-Break appreciated SiS735's performance, stability and features. They were pretty sure that the SiS735 chipset would power the next motherboard on their main machines, and recommended end-users doing the same thing if anyone had an AMD Athlon/Duron based system. With excellent product performance, SiS635 and SiS735 have successfully design-wins amid most motherboard makers, which are aggressively delivering SiS735-based motherboards to the market.

SiS presents the outstanding quality and reliability of SiS635, SiS735 and SiS315 at the exhibition, including eye-catching graphics, impressive quotes from media and an exciting PC game zone. It also shows a close vertical partnership with CPU, DDR DRAM, and motherboard makers. With the strength of the complete product portfolio and own fab's growing capacity and competitiveness yield rate, SiS is confident to achieve its 30% of worldwide chipset market share in 2001.