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SIS Lights up the Market of the Intel Pentium® 4 800MHz Platform

Taipei, May 21, 2003 - Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, introduced the SiS648FX chipsets days ago and immediately gained high recognition from the market. At present, many motherboard manufacturers use the SiS648FX. Starting from the middle of May, consumers will see more and more major branded high-performance motherboards using the SiS648FX chipset compatible with the Intel 800MHz FSB Pentium® 4 microprocessor.

Michael Chen, SiS President and CEO said, "SiS leads the industry by introducing the SiS648FX chipset that supports the new-generation Intel Pentium® 4 platform, which shows its outstanding R&D capability and once again gains a lot of customer support." Among many motherboard manufacturers adopting the SiS648FX chipset, AOpen, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI have entered into the stage of mass production; as well Acorp's 4S648FXN, Biostar's P4SSDV, DFI's 648FX-AL, and ECS's L4S8A/FX will be launched into the distribution channel of the market in June.

Wang, Yue-Shen, Senior Manager of AOpen, said, "The AX45F-8X MAX maintains the consistent supreme style of AOpen by building a brand new model for power users. In terms of the specifications and performance, the AX45F-8X MAX is an excellent product in the industry, providing a total solution of complete high-performance computer requirements for consumers." The AX45F-8X MAX adopts the SiS648FX/963 chipset for the new-generation market via the mainstream specifications of Hyper-Threading, FSB800MHz, DDR400, and AGP8X rev. 3.5. In addition, it also possesses complete advanced functions such as Gigabit LAN, Serial ATA, IEEE-1394, and USB2.0, which can fully satisfy the requirements for various peripheral applications for computer users.

With the SiS648FX/963 chipset, the Asus P4S800 motherboard is capable to support the latest Intel Pentium® 4 CPU Hyper-Threading and the 800MHz FSB standard. Tse, Ming-Jie, Sales Manager of Motherboard Business Department of Sales Division of Asus emphasized, "All Asus motherboards are commit on a high-quality and high-performance design base, the P4S800, having new-generation advanced specifications, fully supports different peripheral equipment and also enhances the system performance. The outstanding performance of the SiS648FX is put into a full play to bring out the market value of new-generation high-end computers." This P4S800 model also consists of several unique functions of the Asus motherboard such as the C.P.R, MyLogo personalized software, CrashFree BIOS technology and EZ Flash, which maximize the product utility. All makes the P4S800 definitely a perfect mainstream product with multiple added-on values.

Chou, Chao-Wu, Senior Vice-President of ECS indicated, "Being an important long-term partner of SiS, ECS has high expectations from this superior-performance model of chipsets." In the meantime, ECS will introduce the 648FX-A motherboard built-in with SiS648FX chipset to offer consumers the best choice for a high-quality product at the most reasonable price.

Chiang, Kuo-Shiang, President of Gigabyte said, "Gigabyte is proud to have advanced R&D capability, and keep following the product strategies of S(Satisfaction), E(Excellence), E(Evolution), and D(Difference). We successfully introduced the GA-8S648FX, a wonderful alternative with all advanced functions for the variety of PC platforms." The product fully proves Gigabyte's strong capability in R&D, and its aggressiveness in innovations. The GA-8S648FX utilizes the SiS latest Intel Pentium® 4 chipset, SiS648FX/963 supporting cutting edge technology of Hyper-Threading, FSB800MHz standard and the new-generation AGP8X rev. 3.5 graphic interface and DDR400 memory interface. Besides, the proprietary advanced functions such as Easy Tune4TM, Q-FlashTM and @BIOS provide consumers with more convenient and super-value enjoyment.

Persisting on the MSI's design concept and complete high-performance architecture, MSI introduced its 648F Neo motherboard with the latest SiS648FX chipset. Lai, Yu-Ling, Global Sales Manager of MSI said, "The 648F Neo adopts the SiS648FX chipset and is developed with MSI's proprietary optimization technology." In addition to supporting the Intel Pentium® 4 800MHz processor, the 648F Neo also includes features that can greatly increase the transaction rate, lower the response time, and improve the corporate and e-Commerce software through the newest breakthrough Hyper-Threading technology. Furthermore, the humanistic considerate design of the S-Bracket™, D-Bracket™ 2, Live Update 2, Fuzzy Logic™ 4, i-Speeder™, and PC Alert™ III functions allow users to have better control on operation and systems maintenance.

The SiS648FX chipset possesses a leading specification supporting the advanced technologies including the 800MHz FSB, high-performance DDR400, AGP8X rev. 3.5interface, MuTIOL® 1G, HyperStreaming™, and USB2.0. Undeniably, the outstanding SiS648FX adds a new force into the mainstream market for Intel platforms.