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Billionton Corp. to Use SiS552LV SoC in Consumer Products
Taipei, February, 10, 2004- Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, and Billionton Corp., a leading ODM manufacturer, today announced a joint partnership to produce portable DVD players, portable GPS units and wireless billboard advertising machines using the SiS552LV SoC (System on Chip) IA solution. The SiS552LV allows for high performance DVD playback functions with the MPEG2 decoding format, wireless information broadcasting, as well as power management functions.

One of the planned products is a consumer level portable DVD player, currently one of the hottest items in electronics retailing. As well, a car PC is planned that will feature DVD playback, GPS navigation and a web browser, all made possible by the SiS552LV SoC.

E-Broadcasting devices, with the advantage of updating advertising on a nightly and basis according to market conditions, are gaining in popularity in larger cities. These "wireless billboards" promise to offer advertisers a more effective means of spreading their message, while giving the public a chance to see different advertisements on a daily or weekly basis. The SiS552LV SoC is specifically designed for such functionality; expect to see these devices with the SiS552LV in the coming year.

For an operating system, Billionton-SiS products will use the Windows CE .net operating system. This OS has several advantages, including offering a fully developed software environment and full Unicode and National Language Support (NLS) for a more flexible response to today's constantly changing market conditions.

According to Michael Chen, President and CEO of SiS, "SiS is a natural choice for a company like Billionton that relies on high-quality, reliable components. With our extensive experience in SoC design and reputation for high quality, innovative solutions, SiS aims to be a major player in the digital consumer products market."