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SiS964 and SiS965 Southbridge Selected by NSTL Asia, Allion Computer Inc. In Serial ATA Test Certification Platform

Taipei, Jan. 17, 2005- Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), a leading core-logic chipset maker, announced that SiS964 and SiS965 Southbridge were selected by NSTL Asia, Allion Computer Inc. in its Serial ATA (SATA) test certification platform at the SATA compliance program application conference in Taipei on January 18.

The SiS964 and SiS965 Southbridge chips with SATA specifications offer stable and reliable product quality, for both their electrical characteristics and signal quality. The selection by NSTL Asia, Allion Computer Inc. in the SATA test certification platform signifies SiS Southbridge chipsets’ world-class standard and their trustworthiness amongst international organizations.

Allion Computer Inc., also known as NSTL Asia, is the Asia's first independent testing organization dedicated to test computer hardware and software. For more than ten years, Allion has endeavored to provide the best testing service, and holds a high reputation within the industry. Its service scope includes certified logos and standards programs, wireless and mobile devices, outsourced testing labs, e-commerce testing, custom hardware and software testing, and IT procurement. Approval with professional certification by NSTL not only underscores the quality of the product but also helps boost the product's recognition in its industry.

"While NSTL's SATA test certification platform is based on the SiS964 and SiS965 Southbridge, other PC peripherals, such as optical storage devices, hard disk storage devices and test and measurement equipments, will also be installed on this platform for compatibility testing. "The outstanding product quality on Serial ATA specifications of SiS Southbridge chips highlight the company's excellent achievements in the research and development of chipsets," said Allion International Director, Danny Yeh. "When matched with other SATA-supporting peripherals, SiS chips bring out the best in new-generation SATA specifications, enabling optimal PC performance." Yeh added.

* Information of SiS964 and SiS965 Southbridge:

Chipset Model/ SpecificationsSiS964SiS965
SiS HyperStreaming™ TechnologyYesYes
SiS MuTIOL® 1G Technology


PCI Express x1


2 Pots
Serial ATA

2 Ports

4 Ports



RAID0, 1, 0+1, JBOD

USB 2.0

8 Ports

8 Ports

ATA 133

2 Channel

2 Channel

Gb Ethernet



100/10 LAN