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SiS645DX - New Pentium® 4 Chipset on the Block
~ World's first P4 chipset supporting higher-speed FSB interface after FSB400MHz ~

March 7, 2002, Taipei - Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), a leading core logic and graphics chip maker, today debuted its new P4 chipset - SiS645DX. Inheriting the remarkable features of SiS645, including high performance, high compatibility and low power consumption, the new kid on the block is the world's first chipset to support high-speed FSB400MHz for Intel platform and to enable FSB (front side bus) overclocking to 533MHz. In addition, the SiS proprietary MuTIOL® technology ensures that the system runs faster than the competition.

Equipped with higher-speed FSB interface and high-bandwidth memory interface DDR333, SiS645DX maximizes the overall performance of the Pentium 4 system. "Since its launch, SiS645 has been approved and adopted by all motherboard makers," says the Director of the SiS Integrated Product Division, Alex Wu. "Together with various motherboards, it has been the editor's choice of over 30 professional computer publications around the world. The SiS645DX is packed with complete and advanced specifications. We believe it is the best in the industry, in terms of specification, performance and cost. It is also the most competitive choice for our customers, whether they are OEM or motherboard makers."

SiS645DX supports DDR333/DDR266/PC133 memory, with up to 3GB memory capacity, giving consumers the best-performance choice within the DDR architecture, and it also fully supports AGP4X/2X graphics chip. SiS961 Southbridge is equipped with powerful multimedia functions, including 5.1-Channel AC'97 v2.2 audio, 10/100MB Ethernet, Home PNA2.0, ATA 133/100/66/33 IDE channel, and supports six PCI slots and six USB 1.1 ports.

Bringing the DDR into the mainstream and greatly enhancing performance, peripherals and speed, the formidable specifications of the new SiS chipset make it stand out as the best choice in the market.