SiS P Series-SATA 2.5" Consumer | P120

Replacing the power consumption of traditional hard drives, SiS P series 2.5" SSD offers an upgrade choice with low power consumption and high price-performance ratio for the consumer market and users. Upgrade the capacity at a minimum cost while contributing to environmental protection at the same time

No.1 equipment for computer upgrade

Whether the computer in the office or at home, the speed of boot time and operations increases after switching from a traditional hard drive to P120 SSD

Uninterrupted and more efficient operations

Compared with a traditional hard drive, the faster speed of SSD addresses your need to finish various tasks at the same time without interruption

Safe and reliable, perfect warranty

3-year warranty ensures the safety of your precious data and makes this series your best choice


P Series 120GB~1TB
Dimension (Max.) 2.5" 7mm
Bus interface SATA 3.0
Flash type 3D flash memory
Capacity 120GB
Operating temperature 0°C (32°F) ~ 70°C (158°F)
Operating Voltage 3.3V±5%
Read speed(Max.) 530 MB/s
Write speed(Max.) 440 MB/s
Certification CE/FCC
Warranty 3-year warranty
OS Microsoft Windows 10

Warranty policy


3-year limited warranty or 150TBW refers to 3 year/150 TBW. When any of these two warranty restrictions is satisfied, the warranty expires. For example, if the product was purchased more than 3 years ago (TBW 1TB) or TBW reaches 150TB (two years after purchase), then the warranty of both cases are considered as expired.