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SiS9210S Touch Controller Was Adopted by Lenovo IdeaPad S2-10 Tablet

(Jan. 11, 2012) Taipei, Taiwan- Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) today announced its SiS9210S projected capacitive multi-touch controller was adopted by Lenovo IdeaPad S2-10 tablet running Android 4.0 OS, a preferred choice in tablet product selection at its debut. SiS9210S projected capacitive touch solution was a highly-integrated single chip design and support 10 fingers multi-touch and multi-gesture recognition which can enhance users’ comfort and satisfaction.

Lenovo IdeaPad S2-10 embedded with SiS9210S touch cntroller demonstrates its multiple breakthrough innovation in design. Lenovo IdeaPad S2-10 is powered by 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and offers the support of HDMI, SD and USB interfaces. It carries 1280x800 IPS display with a 1500:0 contrast and a wide 178 degree viewing angles which let more users to share a high definition 1080P video content concurrently. The small form factor design with only 1.1 pounds weight and just 8.7 mm thick also extinguish its unique fashion style. 20 hours battery life with the keyboard attachment as well as more than 13000 apps service on Lenovo exclusive cloud store brings users more interesting and conncected life experience.

SiS9210S/9211S/9237S series 10-fingers multi-touch controllers feature low-power consumption and superior anti-noise capability. It supports upto 15.6 inch panel size and 89 sensing lines. The strength of SiS9237S touch controller supporting high sensing lines delivers a stronger signal for more precise and greater touch sensitivity without lowering noise threshold that defines it as a leading touch solution in the market. SiS9237S series touch controller support both ITO Glass and ITO Film design. The solution offers palm rejection as well as water and moisture resistant function which bring more comfortable and carefree using scenario for users in need of long-time processing.

SiS9210S/9211S/9237S series touch controllers are in mass production and adopted by halogen-free package for environmental care. The highly integretd design of SiS touch solutions offers systems developers to meet the increasing popularity in the demand for touch applications like handheld devices, tablets or Pads, AIO computers, gaming machines and various public interactive Kiosks.