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SiS330 DTV Platform Is Industry-leading to Achieve CI+ 1.3 Certification

(Oct. 17 2012) Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.(SiS) today announced that its SiS330 DTV solution is ahead of competitors to achieve DVB CI+ 1.3 certification, creating TV manufacturers more business initiatives to obtain Pan Europe TV market. Besides, SiS330 DTV SoC is the only single chip solution to support universal TV broadcasting standards and integrates analog/digital demodulator, which offers TV manufacturers the most effective solution in highly competitive digital TV market.

SiS330 DTV platform recently completed the rigorous testing procedures on DVB CI+ 1.3 specifications on compatibility, security and stability by UK Digital TV Labs. The core component SiS330 DTV SoC is the industry-leading TV chip to acquire CI+ 1.3 certification which demonstrates SiS continuous strength on product performance and integration capability.

SiS330 DTV SoC is industry only single chip solution to support universal TV broadcasting standards including ATSC/ DVB-T/ DVB-C/ ISDB-T/ DTMB-T/ NTSC/ SECAM/ PAL demodulators to meet North/South America, Europe, Japan, China and Taiwan market specification. One chip for all standards solution saves manufacturers a huge amount of research and development costs and accelerates the production efficiency. SiS330 DTV SoC designs with dual processors and integrates analog/digital demodulators. Its built-in multimedia decoder supports all video and audio formats like MPEG1/2/4, VP8 and H.264. SiS330 DTV SoC also supports 3D PR panel, 1080p HD video and HDMI 1.4 input device for luxurious home theater enjoyment. Single-chip platform can be designed to meet global TV standards and offers TV manufacturers most complete specifications and streamlined preparation to shorten product development process.

SiS330 DTV SoC adopts 55nm silicon process with LFBGA packaging and the product is now under mass production.