News Release


SiS Touch Controllers Certified by Windows 8 Are Adopted in Various 11.6-23 Inch Applications

(Nov. 20 2012) Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) today announced multiple projects integrated with SiS92xx projected capacitive touch controllers are certified by Windows 8 recently. The applications vary from laptop to AIO PC and the screen size ranges from 11.6 to 23 inch. SiS is unique solution provider to cooperate with first-tier brands from Japan, Korea and Taiwan and equips the capability to support small to large size touch panels, which demonstrate SiS strength in projective capacitive touch development.

SiS92xx touch controllers are adopted in both laptop and AIO PC projects that describes SiS’ capability of product development is not limited to single product category. SiS touch solutions offer single-chip for tablet products and extend two-chip or three-chip for laptop and AIO PC products, which brings system makers more design flexibility and higher ROI advantage.

SiS has long-term collaborative development and adjustment experiences with touch panel makers from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. SiS92xx touch controllers conform Windows 8 rigorous touch specifications and provide the superiority of multi-point linearity accuracy, high response rate, high sensitivity, ghost point free, smart algorithm and high compatibility with various sensor patterns.  

The certified products with SiS touch controllers will be market available around 2012 Q4 or 2013 Q1. SiS will continue to develop all kinds of tablet, laptop and AIO touch applications to participate in the revolutionary touch era.