supporting projected capacitive touch sensor, the supporting size is up to 10.1 inch.

SiS9252, a 32bit RISC touch-screen panel processor with the 12bits Analog-to-Digital Converter (12bits ADC) supports projected capacitive touch sensor.

SiS9252 provides I2C interface, an embedded UART port, implemented Watchdog Timer and Event Timer serve add-on-value functions. Besides, Power on Demand technology design effectively reduces power-consumption to meet environmental protection requirements. Taking advantages of above features, SiS9252 enables designers to create new usage model of Android based touch-screen products such as Tablet PC, hand held Pad device… etc.

  • 32 bit MCU Structure
  • Support WatchDog timer
  • Embedded Flash ROM
  • GPIO Pins
  • 10x10 QFN Green Package
  • High Driving Voltage