Supporting size is up to 15.6 inch for Windows8/Windows8.1/Windows 10 certification.

SiS9273, a 32bit RISC touch-screen panel processor provides 12bits Analog-to-Digital Converter (12bits ADC) providing High driving voltage for projected capacitive touch applications from up to 15.6 ", which meets Windows8, Windows8.1, and Windows10 certification.

SiS9273 single chip solution provides a high performance touching and drawing solution for designers who target to design large panel with high performance touching systems, such as: Tablet PC, Ultrabook, Note Book with intuitive touching experience.

  • 32 bit MCU Structure
  • Support WatchDog timer
  • Embedded Flash ROM
  • GPIO Pins
  • USB/I2C Interface
  • 10.5x5.5 BGA Green Package
  • High Driving Voltage
9273 Diagram