Product Demo Videos

2D/3D Combination Solution

This 2D/3D combination solution, this demo video shows 2D and 3D operation, the 3D sensor can sense the object height and direction, even the rotation in front the 2D/3D sensor panel.

Touch when user wearing golves

The videos show varieties of gloves, the material including cotton, leather... etc, with SiS solution user can wear gloves and operate the touch device easily.

Oil Resistance

SiS oil resistance is a solution for those who need to operate touch device in industrial field or any fields where might have to dealing with environmental situation while using touch device.

Thickness Cover Glass

SiS provides thickness cover glass solution for those seeking for exhibition, show window, shop window with touch demands.

Passive pen

the video shows the small tip of passive pen, SiS provides the small tip passive pen with small word writing solution.

Water Resistance on 7" platform-01

The demo shows that SiS water resistance ability on 7" platform, while the water is flowing there is no any unexpected touch.

Water Resistance on 7" platform-02

The demo shows the wet finger operating ability on 7" platform.

Water Resistance on 21.5"

The video shows the SiS water resistance ability on 21.5" platform, while the water drops from the top of the touch panel there is no any unexpected touch shows up, and the user's touch can operate in correct behavior.

65" Curved touch panel

The video shows the SiS curved touch ability, the user can draw on this curved touch device intuitively and smoothly.

IWB 84 inch

This video shows the SiS 84 inch for IWB solution, SiS IWB solution provides 40 concurrent touches and quick response time to users.

134" Ultra Large Touch

The SiS 134" ultra large solution provides multiple touch experience to the users with high end performance.